Our Services

We are just getting started, but our core members are passionate about Pillar Foundation’s mission and have years of experience in a variety of STEM fields as instructors, researchers, mentors, and leaders.

Our common experiences and knowledge about trends in STEM fields has inspired us to come together to offer what is not traditionally offered through high school, college, and early career STEM experiences — long-term mentorship and coaching. 

Our mission is grandiose and our numbers are small, but many people, perhaps like yourself, are excited at the opportunity to invest their time in the next generation of STEM researchers and practioners.

Mentorship Programs

Invest your time discussing and planning solutions for equity and inclusion issues with like-minded professional leaders in each professional field. 


Learn how to safely and effectively mentor young individuals on their personal paths towards success. Raise the next generation of leaders. Click below to see past and upcoming webinars.


Provide real-world experience with experts in the field that enables you to put everything you’ve learned into action. 


Fund cutting-edge research that revolves around improving the pipeline that people experience while developing their career in STEM fields.

Collaborations & Sponsors

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

We are seeking members of industry and academia to participate in our organization. This may be through involvement in our mentorship program, becoming a guest speaker in one of our webinar series, or donations!