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Sustainable Society by Developing Leadership

The Pillar Foundation is currently working to
research and create leadership development
programs for STEM Empowerment and Female
Leadership in the Workplace. Content will focus

    • Leadership theory and practice
    • Global/Multicultural competencies
    • Team building and management
    • Organizational analysis and risk assessment
    • Communication and interpersonal skill

Pillar Leadership

Pillar foundation Leadership training program focuses on the various aspects of leadership performance. The program improves self-awareness and metacognition as well as interpersonal communication competency development as key areas of training. Pillar foundation leadership training will help participants to grow as leaders who can transform others in their own organization. 

The program is based on psychological research and leadership theories that have been implemented over the past decades to increase leadership performance in the workplace and various organizations. While based on research, the program emphasizes the application of learned knowledge and practical implications through various training sessions. In general, lectures and workshops in the program introduce various leadership aspects and techniques of leadership and previous leadership practices designed to empower participants’ motivation, attitudes, and performance. 

Pillar leadership training emphasizes certain leadership competencies that can be learned to become a successful leader. These skills are mainly subcategorized under 3 main groups: human skills, technical skills, and conceptual skills. In this pillar leadership program, participants will have the opportunity to grow as leaders with highly regarded instructors who are world-renowned researchers and practitioners of leadership. Pillar leadership instructors have been recognized with their successful leadership in a variety of organizations, including the Fortune 500 companies, universities, and more. 

Our Story

At Pillar Foundation, we are creating a close network of interdisciplinary, international collaborators passionate about societal issues that challenge equal opportunity all over the globe. Through creating connections that wouldn’t otherwise exist through our targeted subject matter based focus groups, we aim to cultivate an educated community of changemakers that will create waves in the fields that matter most to them and us. Here, it’s all about unleashing potential, driving collaboration, and fostering powerfully genuine relationships.

Pillar Projects

Leadership Development

  • As a leader to develop a sustainable community, Pillar Foundation developed a set of member development programs that fit the needs of modern society leaders. 

Aquayo Project Proposal

  • The purpose of this project is to help Ghana grow plants without soil due to the limited availability of resources.
  • Developed four configuration methods in order to see which environment the crops would grow the best.

Empowering Female Students in Africa

Sustainability Awareness in Australia

The Pillar Foundation has been joined by Melissa Neighbour, a town planner and sustainability specialist from Sydney, Australia. She mentions how sustainability has impacted her life at an early age by influencing her life decisions such as college major and future jobs. She has seen first hand how a lock of sustainability efforts have negatively affected her own environment. Town planning, Fraser Island and teaching at The University of Sydney are just some of the topics that Melissa dives into. She’s here to explain why it matters and what we can do to improve it.

Interview from Brazil

Andreia, who is from Brazil, joins the Pillar Foundation today. She discusses how sustainability has impacted her life and what she does to incorporate into her career. Since the age of 15, she has been actively working with sustainability efforts to improve our world. She has also worked on sustainability projects regarding farms, fruits and trees. Andreia discusses that sustainability is about the present and not always the future, and how we can change our present to positively affect our future.

Intern Testimony

At the Pillar Foundation, I learned how to step outside of my comfort zone and be creative. I have only had a technical background so far, so working on a totally different area in marketing has been very interesting. I have learned how to connect with audiences, share common messages, and build a brand. It has been an amazing experience working with the team, sharing ideas, and bouncing creative ideas off of each other. At Pillar, I have had a tremendous opportunity to grow and let my creativity flourish. 

John Biscanti: Penn State University

Pillar Intern

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