Leadership Development

Mission Statement

The Pillar Foundation’s mission is to connect seasoned changemakers with proactive change seekers and facilitate knowledge transfer between generations through tailored mentoring and leadership training.


At Pillar Foundation, we are creating a close
network of interdisciplinary, international
collaborators passionate about societal issues
that challenge equal opportunity all over the
globe. Through creating connections that
wouldn’t otherwise exist through our targeted
subject matter based focus groups, we aim to
cultivate an educated community of
changemakers that will create waves in the
fields that matter most to them and us. Here, it’s
all about unleashing potential, driving
collaboration, and fostering powerfully genuine


The Pillar Foundation is currently working to research and create leadership development programs for STEM Empowerment and Female Leadership in the Workplace. Content will focus

      • Leadership theory and practice
      • Global/Multicultural competencies
      • Team building and management
      • Organizational analysis and risk assessment
      • Communication and interpersonal skill building

Our Services

      • Internships
      • Mentorship
      • Research
      • Webinars

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